Hi all,

I am a Research Analyst from Beroe Inc. Beroe is engaged by a client assisting them on understanding contingent labor market in Latin America.

We are currently seeking support from key, industry leading subject matter experts/consultants for fee-based primary interview & discussion for the following areas:

1)      Detailed analysis of contingent labor market

2)      Major contingent labor laws in above mentioned countries and impact of these laws on buyers as well as suppliers

3)      Current trends in contingent labor market

4)      Factors impacting contingent labor market

5)      Supply and Demand of contingent labor

6)      Major suppliers (MSP, VMS and RPO) for contingent labor

7)      Pricing strategies

8)      Negotiation levers

9)      Cost saving opportunities for buyers

If anybody can help me on this. Please reach to me at [email protected].


Ankita Valeja

Research Analyst

Beroe Inc.

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