Our construction site employees submit weekly timesheets, many of which are usually wrong, despite frequent instructions and discussions.

Are we allowed to correct the mistakes on their timesheets? It would be impractical to ask the employee to re-do the timesheet or even come into the office to discuss the mistakes each week.

Our Accountant insists the mistakes are corrected when they are to benefit the company, but has been known to remove corrections that are in an employee’s favour, which we think is unfair. Is there a law against this?

Also, if we have evidence from a site’s signing in/out book of the hours spent on site and the employee claims to have worked longer on his timesheet, what action can we take? Is it sufficient just to amend the timesheet and add a note to the wageslip to explain why? Our disciplinary policy classes this as gross misconduct, but the Directors seem reluctant to act, probably because it may mean losing several employees.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Emma Jones