I would like to put this out to the HR Community to get an idea of people’s opinion.

If I had a member of staff that had come to one of me to say that he or she had been made an offer with a competitor offering more money and maybe a higher job role but wanted to see if we could indeed match or better the offer, would it be wrong or unethical of me to ask to see some evidence of the offer, such as an offer letter?

It was just something I was mulling over in my mind and I cannot decide if this would be the right or wrong thing to do. We have had this situation of late happen more than once and yes I would like to tackle this but whilst I understand it may give a view of mistrust, I do feel it might be worth trying this approach to at least to see if this does stop people chancing their luck in trying to get a salary increase or promotion.

Your thoughts would be gratefully accepted and considered.