I have developed a disability which requires a few reasonable adjustments in the workplace. Access to work have agreed to fund an assistant for me, which would be the expensive adjustment.
At the end of April I was sent home from work after several meetings between my union and my employers to try and get adjustments put in place. The reason given was they couldn't meet the rest requirement on my fit note despite me having worked the previous 3 months since the sudden worsening of my disability and having said that if I could take the natural rest breaks in the school day (I'm a teacher) without doing break duties then I would be able to manage.
I haven't been medically suspended (and will be going to half-pay in the next few weeks), yet I am not being allowed to work.
My union are supporting me and trying to convene a meeting to sort things out but my employers are being difficult about it.
To be honest I am feeling really desperate as I love teaching and want to be working; being at home without any purpose is making me very stressed and depressed. It isn't helping matters that I don't have a diagnosis as yet and I'm being passed around from one specialist to another in the NHS; all I know is that it isn't something life threatening. I am terrified of losing my job and not being able to provide for my family.
I'm looking for information that will enable me to keep my job, hopefully without having to resort to an employment tribunal. Although my union are being fantastic, I wonder if there is any information that would be useful to pass on to them that could help my employers see sense. I'm a good teacher, with a good track record for results and I don't understand why they seem to want to get rid of me - I teach a shortage subject and have a degree in that subject, which is becoming fairly rare, the only thing I can think of is that they think I may need time off for surgery and that I am now expensive.
I would be grateful for any information that could help.
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