Being a young, able bodied, non religious, heterosexual male. I am beginning to feel discriminated against on the grounds that there are no provisions protecting my interests. How long will it be before I am in a minority group ?

This is tongue in cheek of course, but is the underlying notion as daft as it first appears.

Before I upset everyone Don’t get me wrong I would not associate myself with anyone who supports discrimination of any group or individual, for whatever reason, and do not disagree with any of the current legislation. I infact work hard in what I do to promote equal opportunities for all.

I am trying to take a new angle on the recent raft of legislation and predict future legislation. Some of what I say may seem crazy, but ask your parents if they would ever have predicted equal rights for the gender reassigned.

I have had very serious discussion/complaints from ladies that are infertile or are unwilling to have children asking why they are not entitled to maternity leave (by some other name of course). Surely the decision to have children or not is a choice, and if some choose not to do so, should they forfeit the right to a few months pay for say, voluntary work, helping the elderly, or counselling drug users.

Another real issue is school leavers feeling discriminated on the grounds of the provider of their secondary education or where they live. How is discrimination of this type monitored, or remedied ?

Without being overly ridiculous, I have even heard of red heads believing that they are discriminiated against on the premise that they will have a bad temper. Will such discrimination soon be covered ?

More widely, is discrimination on the grounds of personality still acceptable ?

Does anyone else think the world is going a little crazy ? Do we really need tomes of regulations, guidelines, frequently asked questions etc. Or is the production of these documents employment protection for many, when the underlying message is “Treat everyone equally “. 3 words that sum up 30 years of debate about discrimination !!

scott dalrymple