My son has an artificial leg but is able to carry out physical work normally in his industry without any problems (climbing ladders, lifting etc.).  No special arrangements or changes have been made to his working environment as these have not been necessary. 

He finished a 10 month fixed contract early this year and has been looking for work in the same industry.  His previous employers are currently involved in a smaller project and did not renew contracts for a number of people.

He attented an interview about 6 weeks ago and was told by the interviewer (not HR) that he would have to take my son’s disabilty into consideration but conceded that he had a positive attitude and had the experience to fill the vacancy.  My son didn’t get the job and no reason was offered.  He believes that his disabilty was the deciding factor.

No contact was made with his previous employer who would have been happy to provide a good reference.

My son has no wish to refer this to a discrimination tribunal as his objective is to find work in the same industry.  He believes that any high profile case would deter potential employers from inviting him for interviews.  He also believes that the interviewer was honest whilst others will have the same concerns but be more careful what they say.

One option being considered is whether to write to the HR Director of the parent organisation (a well known company) to ask whether fair treatment can be guaranteed for future vacancies and whether full consideration will be given to his proven ability before a decision is made.

As the answer is unlikely to be "No", the purpose of this posting is to seek your professional opinions as to whether such an approach would help my son or have the opposite effect.  What would be your reaction if you received a similar letter?  Your advice would be gratefully received.