I have posted a previous post in relation to this. We are a small company (6 Employees) and we have recently recruited a new member of staff. In the first two weeks we gave the employee 2 days compassionate leave (paid) to attend to her sick grandfather.

Approximately 2 weeks ago she sent our company a text saying that felt sick and wasn’t coming into work. This went on for a week. This week her texts have ranged from being tired, to sickness, to something more serious (potential lump on her ovaries).

Today she hasn’t even bothered to text or call into the office.

We are only a small company with a large client base and we need to serve these clients. We have called her (and recently written) and left messages to call and let us know when she is likely to return to work and what we can do to help. We have asked for a Docs Certificate and we haven’t had anything!

We have no response at all. It’s very difficult to deal with these situations if we cannot speak apart from the odd random text message.

This employee has only being with us for 6 weeks and quite frankly our gut reaction is to give her a weeks notice bearing in mind all of the above. She has never aired any grievances.

Any advice as to what to do? As I say we are only small and cannot really have the burden of paying someone whilst they are absent?

Many thanks if anyone can help!!!!!
Chris James