Hello All,

I have an employee who claims that a rotating am/pm shift pattern is causing stress/anxiety in the afters part only. There is a belief (some of it coming from rumour) that the employee is trying it on to get the shift he likes working.

The employee will not give consent to get a GP report and so was referred to our outsourced OH GP. The report said that in the GP’s opinion the DDA wouldn’t apply as the employee was ok generally but got anxious at times of the pm shift pattern. The GP said we should attempt to offer the am pattern however we are unable to as the employees opposing shift worker would be working pm’s only and would fall at disadvantage himself for working that pettern!

We have investigated the claims of ‘trying it on’ and cannot find evidence either way, so we have to assume that we need to offer some alternative, however how do we go about it, when we may place someone else at disadvantage?!
Any advice would be very much appreciated!


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