Currently I work in a large corporate company. We have taken part in the age positive week as part of making the Company more diverse and meeting their investor of people status.

However currently progression is limited and is stated that you have to be working at the present level for 18 months before any progression is considered.

This means that they are saying that you have to wait until you are 1 1/2 years older before you can progress regardless of whether you have qualifications, previous work experience that would support your move.

Am I right in thinking that companies will no longer be able to disqualify younger candidates as well as older ones just because they have not been within the company for long enough.

I am aware that many big organisations limit progression and peoples qualities are not seen on a broader scale and hence not rewarded as much. But to deliberatly hinder someones progession because they are too young within the company is crazy.

Currently the managment on average has been with the Company for at least 10 years and because of this have very set views and little or no experience of working in a different environment so no fresh ideas have been brought into the way the Company works.

I was just wondering whether there is any sort of legislation that will prevent this from occurring.

Many thanks

Richard Speidel

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