We are a uk company owned by a US based company and the president is instructing all of our managers to read a business book called Topgrading by Bradford D Smart. It is all about how leading companies win by hiring, coaching and keeping the best people. It is the companies intention that the entire organisation is topgraded within 18 months. I am still reading the book but basically it is about having A, B & C players with A players being the best of class available to do a job, the top 10% of talent available. You can have B players with the potential to become A players but C players should be redeployed. C players are typically people that embrace tradition over forward thinking, prefers the status quo, does just their contracted hours etc. My question is having not finished the book but discussed this with fellow managers in the UK is TOPGRADING legal in the UK? Does anyone have any experience of TOPGRADING in UK companies? From what we can gather you could be doing an ok job but by definition in this book you would be a C player and unless you are going to set the world on fire you can end up being redeployed or dismissed. Any guidance on this subject would be appreciated as I may learn more as I finish the book but by the same token I don’t think US legislation is equivalent to the UK’s and whether this would be an appropriate practice to follow.
kirsa edwards

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