I suspect that an employee is using drugs, potentially whilst at work. They have been behaving very strangely, their work has declined, they are making mistakes and are frequently absent or late. Their colleagues are now starting to complain. They have had a lot of personal issues to deal with and this is perhaps the root of the problem. Last week and today in particular they have appeared very distant, have not been at their desk for very long, spend a long time in the toilet or coffee shop, are taking frequent smoking breaks and are slurring their words and are not focusing when talking to you. All in all they are just acting very strangely! The manager is not aware that they are on any medication. Security have identified smoking of dubious substances taking place in the toilet and perhaps this is the link. How do you determine if they are using drugs or alcohol? How do you handle the situation in a sensitive and supportive manner?
Jeannette McAlister