Our company paid us, by cheque, last Wednesday, half our salary, as they are struggling financially. The cheque cleared Monday, but I only have enough money to pay my bills for the next two weeks.

They have said they ‘hope to pay us the rest in about two weeks’.

I do an 80 mile round trip to go the office, and my question is, where do I stand legally asking to work from home, as I can’t afford to put petrol in my car?

I have worked from in the past occasionally. I have a laptop and I am able to access the office server and email from home.

I worked from home yesterday, but I was then telephoned and told that I am not allowed to work from home again!

I am getting very stressed because of my financial situation and I don’t feel the company are being very sympathetic.

I have a meeting this afternoon, so if anyone could help before then, I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks very much

Jo Maltby