I have taken on a new employee who already has had one fromal warning and then an informal warning for unrelated matters. They have been with me just under 2 months.

Recently their team mates are complaining to the office manager about their attitude and behaviour.

But whenever this memeber of the team speaks to me they are polite, know what is expected and understand their role.

I have asked the team what they want done about it. Are they prepared to discuss with their colleague the problems. They say they are not.

Unfortunately, I do not witness the issues. Most times I walk in the office they all seem to be getting on well.

So far I have asked the office manager to speak to the team again asking what they would like management to do, bearing in mind no-one wants to fully commit to what they are saying.

Has anyone any tips on this type of situation?

In the past I have mediated between the parties or they have been given time to speak together privately. But this time no one wants to do this.

Sara-Jane Claydon

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