As an executive recruiter and an affiliate member of the CIPD I am sometimes asked confidential HR related questions by my candidates and contacts. Often people like to bounce matters off an impartial third party, so whilst I make it clear I can only give generic advice as a recruiter (pointing them to HR within the organisation if at all possible!) I find the Q&A forum here of particular use and am very thankful for your insights!

Today I have been contacted by one such executive who has recently been advised that his organisation plan to ask all employees to accept a reduction in remuneration (basic pay). Having only recently made the move from his prior organisation he is particularly more disappointed by the news.

What are the implications of not signing the related consensus form? From a general perspective it would seem to me that not agreeing to this will in effect “black mark” him and is likely to cause him career discomfort should he choose to remain there in the future.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,


Daryl Stickland