Two (female) staff have complained that they have received nasty calls and texts from their (male) manager’s wife, accusing them of sleeping with him, calling them various impolite names, etc etc. They are both young (early to mid 20s) and very upset, and they both are adamant that they are NOT having an affair with their manager.

He has their numbers in his cell phone (and vice versa) partly because there’s no reason why he shouldn’t, and partly because staff are often required to visit clients, sometimes setting off straight from their homes, and so they need to have the ‘I am at the station in front of W H Smith/in the client carpark/stuck at junction 11’ communications.

I can, I assume, call him in and ask him what he knows, but I cannot really order him to control his wife or make a disciplinary matter of something HE hasn’t actually done, can I?

Any advice?