Member of staff under 12 months service – satrted with us on 01/08/07 given letter to attend performance review as last 6 months results not satisfactory (had been verbally warned before. Letter issued 01/07 Meeting arranged for 11/07 after holiday. On 07/07 seperate allegation of theft raised. Employee sent a letter to invite to investigative meeting on 11/07 On 10/07 e-mail sent in stating would not be in at work on 11/07 – going to Doctors. Nothing heard after appointment. Next letter sent advising change of meeting date to 15/07. E-mail received Sunday night 13/07 – saying seeing Dr at end of week – will be off ill. Did not turn up for meeting. Decison made in their absence to proceed to disciplinary. Letter sent with evidence for meeting on 21/07. Sick note dropped in on 17/07 – 1 week with stress. No other contact. Disciplinary meeting held in absence – decision gross misconduct – summarily dismissed 0n 22/07 Letter sent to home address. Has now appealed – saying not enough time to defend, unfair and company have not followed proceedure.

Paul Barnes

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