An employee of our submitted a request to alter her working pattern from a standard week to term time working.

The line manager ignored advice given to him and ploughed ahead regardless. Three managers, all men, were involved in reaching the decision to reject the application. They did not have a meeting with the employee to discuss her application or alternative working patterns which may be suitable. The letter of rejection went to her approximately 8 weeks after she made her request.

I am the appeal manager.

The employee’s son has been diagnosed as suffering from some complex illnesses including autistism and ADHD.

I asked the employee to provide additional information from her GP or Consultant to support her request, information which I feel should have been requested in the first instance.
I am now in receipt of this and it is quite comprehensive and I feel does support the request.

The report suggests he needs significant expert handling and consistency, he becomes agitated and distressed if his routine is altered and being forced into normal activities such as clubs and sports can result in anxiety and aggresion.

The line manager is adament that the request is not approved but I don’t beleive we went through a fair process with the original application and having read the consultants report feel we should make the effort to accomodate her request as far as possible. The managers only reason for rejection is that if this employee is off for every school holiday it will reduce the number of other staff who can make requests for peak holidays (we have a rule in that department of no more than four off at one time).

Has anyone had experience of a similar situation? Any tips would be gratefully received.