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I have an employee in one of our manufacturing plants who has enjoyed the opportunity to unofficially work flexibly as his colleague on the opposing shift had agreed to work afternoons(2pm-10pm) so he could work mornings only(6am – 2pm). There was no official agreement in place and this has been working for the past 18 months.

The employees colleague has now resigned and we are now really struggling to find someone to work afternoons only.

The employee is now claiming that we have to agree to him continuing these working hours as otherwise it adversely affects his childcare responsibilities.

In the employees contract it states that he works a rotating am/pm shift.

We have offered a few alternatives to the employee, e.g. a different shift (nights), and asked if there is the possibility of his wife and him working flexibly for set days each week, we we may be able to accommodate that sort of change with the opposing shift employee. The employee is refusing any alternative and we have reached an em-passe, any advice guys?!?!

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manufacturing mandy

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