I am working with an organisation and it has recently come to light that a female employee is the subject of a lot of gossip & rumour that she was previously a man and has undergone gender reassignment.

The managers (tell me that they) were not aware of how other staff were behaving until very recently, and I do not know if the employee herself is aware as she has not raised any concerns, complaints or a grievance (although that may just mean that she has not felt able to bring the problem to her manager I realise).

I have been doing a lot of reading and much of the advice covers what to do if an employee begins the process of gender reassignment whilst in your employment.

This lady began employment with the company as a woman and I am trying to identify what the best course of action might be. And of course, it may not even be true & she may not have undergone gender reassigment at all.

I and the company obviously do not want to allow her to be subject to any prejudice or discrimination, and want to ensure we handle this in the best way posible, but I would really appreciate any advice on the best way to handle this and even to initiate dicussions with this woman about such a sensitive subject.

Your thoughts gratefully welcomed.

Sam Swinstead

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