I was wondering if i could get some advise on this isue.
We have a member of staff thet we have always had a problem with their attendance at work. We feel we have had enough and would like to get to the bottom of this. This lady has been off work since May at first without making contact and not responding to telephone calls or letters from us. After about a month she sent in a Doctors certificate covering her for only a week out of the one month and this was for Nervous diability. Ever since then she has been sending in Doctors certificate on a weekly basis. we noticed that the certificate were not from the same doctors and also were not from the dcotors we have on her file as her family doctor. On one occasion she turned up at work at 10 am instead of 8am and was smelling of alcohol and we had to send her home she never returned the next day instead she sent in another sick certificate signing her off for another week.We aked if she would sign a medical consent form to request her medical report from her GP. We wrote to doctors with the details she had given us and it came back that she wasnt a patient of thiers. we then referred her to be seen by an occupational health. she confimed her attendance in writing but never attended. This was jsut last week however she has called her manager today saying she will be returning to work on Monday.Since failing to turn up for the appiontment we have written to her asking her to provide us with a reason for her non attendance despite confirming it in writing and if we could reschedule another appiontment she hasnt responded. I would appreciate it if i could get some advise with regards to how to deal with this situation when she returns on Monday and also if she doesnt return at all.

Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

Simmy Kolade