I am currently having problems with my job share counterpart after returning from maternity leave. She (and the rest of the office) made it clear that I was not welcome back and that she was now the senior secretary even though we were job sharing. She also changed her hours without consulting either me, the office or our line manager and as a result I now do not have a desk on two of the three days I work. 

I spoke to my manager about the situation and she went in there all guns blazing and made everything worse by telling the whole office what I said.  My colleague then made out that I was making it all up and that she couldnt see why I was upset.  Because my colleague would not even admit that there could be an issue, I made the decision to be moved to another department as I felt it would make things worse if I returned to the office, everyone knowing what I had said.

Anyway, I have since moved departments and currently covering sick leave, but I am getting increasingly annoyed that I am the one being punished and they have effectively "won" seeing as though I am out of the office and she is now the only secretary there.  I also feel as though my manager handled the situation badly and made it really difficult for me to return. 

Any advice on where to go now would be appreciated as I do not want to float around for the forseeable future


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