An employee joined 6 months ago to undertake a difficult task.

Documented objectives were achieved, despite evidence that some board members – who were not in favour of the task – failed to support his activity.

The board has now decided not to proceed as originally planned – leaving the employee in an untenable position.

The employee signalled that a compromise agreement offering 3 months pay in lieu of notice period, plus a further 3 months pay would be an acceptable exit strategy.

His manager rejects this – relying on the fact he has been with the company less than a year to simply dismiss him with 3 months notice.

The employee asked to raise a grievance – on the basis that managements failure to support him properly has led to this situation.

The employees contract says the grieveance process is intended as a guide to best practice, not as a contractual right.

Is it legitimate to reject the employees request, and give him notice, or are we at risk of some form of breach?
Natalie Isherwood