Dear all
I posted a question at an earlier date about an employee who has handed in his resignation. According to the term of his contract he is required to give 4 weeks notice and he wants to reduce the period to 2 on the grounds that he still has 2 weeks of unexpired holiday to take.
Unfortunately, for us we are experiencing a very busy period of work and we need all the staff to be avaailable to work. He is a good worker who knows our systems but to recruit a replacement takes a long time.
I have refused his demand to work for only 2 weeks and take the rest out of his holidays on the grounds that the Law gives us this right. He has now requested what section of Employment Law actually says that. I have no idea where to look for his answer.
His contract of employment is silent on this aspect and as a small firm we never issued a staff handbook if matters of such disagreements arose.

I have weighed up the consequences of keeping him longer and I am desperate to get the work out as we have lots of angry clients!! He has also told me that he cannot extend the period as his new employers are expecting him in 2 weeks time.

Can someone guide me in the right place to look up this information?
Vinod Davdra

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