My brother works for a building company. He is entitled to the statutory holiday amount.

He recently booked 2 days holiday with his line manager who approved it. When he received his pay, his employer had deducted 2 days pay.

When he queried this he was told that :

He can only take his holidays between May and October as he is weekly paid.
( Monthly paid employees can take their holidays when ever they choose).

He had 10 days off at Xmas( 7 plus 3 Bank Hols) but essentially they want him to work from January to May without the opportunity to take any time off.

He drives a company vehicle and is involved in labouring as part of his duties.

Please can anyone tell me whether the WTD has any provision that would prevent an employer requiring an employee to work so long without being able to take some of their entitlement. Are the Health and Safety implications relevant?


Helen Holden

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