I am current working on implementing a new HR system in my Company. The system will eventually enable management of holidays via self-service, however it will not be ready for consumption for a good few months yet.

In the meantime across the group we have a variety of systems in place for monitoring and tracking holiday, various paper-based systems and make-shift databases that are not wholly accurate and/or do not help the manager see their team at a glance.

I have been asked to come up with a spreadsheet to release to managers on which they can manage their team’s leave. The plan is then that the information being held in Excel format it will assist the uploading of the data to the system.

I am aware there are systems on the internet, but they all cost – and this interim solution must be free.

My Excel skills are rather basic, so I am scrounging for help… can someone out there provide me with a template spreadsheet which enables input of Holiday Entitlement, names, and will ideally calculate pro-rata for those that work part time and/or those that start mid holiday year?

I would be grateful for any assistance.
Karen Baldwin