Please can you help / advise.

The company I work for was due to close at 5pm on Christmas Eve and re-open again on 5th Jan 08.

They have now announed that they will be closing at 12.30pm on Christmas Eve.

Some of my colleagues have already booked a full day’s holiday on Christmas Eve (including me). So we have asked if we can have the half day back (for when the company will now be closed). The answer was no.

Therefore some colleagues that haven’t booked Christmas Eve off in advance, now get an extra half day holiday. Those who have booked it in advance need to take a full day. If I decided to book off Christmas eve now I could just book off the morning (some employees did this earlier in the year, by guessing we may close).

I feel that this is unfair as the company are being in-consistent with the way they are treating holiday entitlement. Or am I just being too picky with a half day holiday?

Sarah Smith