I am aware that the new legislation dictates that employees can now have four weeks holiday plus Bank Holidays (4 Bank Hols from Oct 07)but when during the holiday year does this apply?

Our company holiday year runs 1 April – 31 March and currently we take into account Bank Hols as part of the 4 weeks annual leave. (12 days + 8 Bank Hols)

Are we obliged to increase our employees holidays to 4 weeks & Bank Hols (20 days + 4 Bank Hols) from April or just from October?

If it is from October then there are only 3 Bank Hols left during that holiday year. What happens to the 4th day – can this be taken as an additional days holiday?

The info that I have read tells me how much holiday people will be able to take but it does not clarify the finer detail.


Alex Grundy