How many employed in your health and safety department?

I would like some information on the number of people employed in health and safety departments and how those numbers were arrived at.
This is not a full-blown survey or needed for research purposes at the moment but it may, depending on results.

Please spare a short moment and send some brief details.
Names of organisation/people are not required.

¨ Type of business/sector
¨ Number in safety department (or the dept you are working in, HR for example) – directors, managers, officers, admin
¨ Number of employees
¨ Turnover/size – estimate
¨ How size of department is calculated
¨ Any additional comments

I am particularly interested in the retail and wholesale industry but would welcome information from all areas.

Company information is not essential, type of industry is a must

Example returns:

¨ 1 manager, 2 officers. 1000 employees, multi site high street retail out let.
Usual guideline for our company is 1 officer per 50 outlets

¨ 1 Health and Safety manager, single site, 350 employees, manufacturing, 50 million + turnover

Please email [email protected]
Please indicate if you are interested in the results of this initial survey and I will return findings on completion

If anyone is interested in using this for further research please contact me

Andy Rowe

Andy Rowe

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