One of our junior managers, C, has rheumatoid arthritis. She’s been here 3 years, was up-front about her condition when she started, and has co-operated fully with our occupational health person who has seen notes from her consultants etc. She has physiotherapy and/or hydrotherapy sessions every 3 weeks or so and we made an agreement that she will make half the time up and make her appointments as early as possible in the day.

Our new senior manager , F, has repeatedly queried her appointments and has now ( witnessed by another member of staff) told C that she is lying, she cannot have arthritis because she’s too young, and how dare she expect him to believe her.

C is furious, and the witnessing member of staff is almost as furious.
F has now been informed that unfortunately C does have this condition and agreements are in place about her treatment times.

F claims it was ‘just a joke’ and refuses to provide the apology which C is demanding. (The witness , on being interviewed, doesn’t believe it was a joke either). C is a well-liked member of her department and the junior staff are now uneasy.

What to do?


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