I have received a letter from a Shift Manager who I have recently invited to a Disciplinary Hearing related to a breach of Health and Safety rules on site.

Due to the serious nature of the incident (i.e. a warehouse incident involving a forklift truck) I was part of the initial investigation, although purely as a note taker – the Health and Safety Manager took the lead on the questioning. Due to the fact that I am the only HR representative on site, I will also be part of the Disciplinary Hearing, although again, it will be as note-taker and guardian of the procedure and process. Ultimately, any decision on a discipinary penalty will be made be the senior manager chairing the hearing.

The Shift Manager has now left a letter on my desk lodging a complaint that as I was involved in the investigation, I should not be involved in the disciplinary.

Due to my lack of resources, I have no one else who would be suitable to be involved in the disciplinary process. Does anyone have any advice please?
Lesley Keenan