We are a medium sized domestic lines insurer in the South Pacific.

Currently, our staff who handle claims and underwriting can only email colleagues within our company.

We are looking at getting into the 21st century by introducing external email for our team members. They will operate a “branch” email address that they can receive and send email from, on behalf of their particular branch of our company.

We are aware that most companies allow their staff to contact customers via email using personal e-mail addresses (as opposed to the branch-type address we are looking at using). I am interested in your comments about how you:

• Manage the content of emails (for appropriateness and correctness)
• Ensure grammar/spelling correct (we have many employees for whom English is not their first language)
• Manage personal use of email (do you allow any personal use? If so, how much? How do you manage this?)

Any feedback you can provide, or suggestions on e-mail acceptable use policy that might assist with some of our questions, would be appreciated.

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