We were due to be paid, as every month, on the 24th of this month – this date and frequency are specified in our employment contracts. Payment was 3 days late last month and again, payment for this month is still outstanding. Apparently this is because our MD ‘forgot’ to do it. [The company is small and us currently recruiting new office admin]. The payment now won’t be made until the MD, who lives in Germany, gets back to the UK later this week so payments will be at least a week late, possibly longer.

Not surprisingly, all employees finances are based on being paid on a specific date each month, and the majority of us will incurr charges (or forfeit interest on savings) and risk rent/mortgage payments not being made, which will in turn affect our credit history. This does not appear to concern the MD, who merely thinks it “unfortunate”.

What is our legal position? Not just in relation to the delayed payment but specifically the company’s liability if we incurr charges/etc. Employment contracts merely state date we are to be paid, otherwise they are silent on this.

Many thanks


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