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Just looking for some advice on the above we have an employee that slipped and fell at work about a year ago we are not sure if this accident was staged or genuine. The employee was taken to the hospital and was discharged the same day. The employee had booked 2 weeks holiday prior to the accident which was to start 2 days after the accident. This empployee flew to Brazil 2 days after the accident and has not returned since this was over a year ago. We understand the employee has put a claims through for the accident which is currently been dealth with by the insurers. He has been sending sick certificates regularly from Brazil since then however this stopped in August. It is difficult to obtain a doctors report because this is in another country and because of the language barrier as well. This employee cliams they are waiting for the insurance payout so they can have an operation in Brazil and then return to the UK to continue in their Job. we have asked him to come for an absence review meeting but because he is far away in brazil that is not possible neither can wse refer him to occupational health for assessment. My question is can we dismiss this employee based on the limited information avaliable to us or do we need to write to his doctor even though it is in Brazil? ot what other options are available to us please. May I also add that this is the second cliam by this employee the first is still pending. Many thanks SBlinks

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