A client has recently purchased a franchise and two of the employees he has “inherited” and who are protected under TUPE are married to each other.

They do different jobs but report to the same manager (new & brought in by us)and they need to interact daily in order to both do their work. In fact one coordinates the work allocation which the other does.

We have identified issues within the office that we would like to try to deal with and I am looking for some ideas about how others manage such workplace relationships.

These two seem to cleverly arrange work schedules that suit them best and although there isn’t anything strictly wrong with it, it grates with other people.

There is a feeeling that they discuss work matters at home to the point where they are probably breaching confidentiality but again it is hard to put a definite finger on.

And it appears that they collaborate to make anyone they dislike feel very uncomfortable. We think that in the past they have probably been reponsibie for pushing out staff they didn’t like and we want to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

So what would be your approach?

Disciplinary action – but based very much on intangibles?

Informal action – but how and what?

Separating them isn’t an option as the office is very small.

Any thoughts gratefully received as I am wrangling with the best way forward.


Sam Swinstead

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