Hi, my friend works for a small company with no HR department. She returned to work at the end of December 2007 after almost a year’s maternity leave, and her contract with her employer has always been part time. She went on maternity leave at the end of December 2006, and her last appraisal and salary review was on 1st October 2006. Her other colleagues have had salary increases and performance appraisals in October 2007, whilst she was still on maternity leave. She was not advised of this.

Her manager, who is very difficult and has previously tried to give less of a salary increase than other staff members on the same level, advised that her appraisal would only be able to cover “less than two months” of her work, and my friend said that she should be entitled to an appraisal regardless of this. She advised she would speak to her manager, and let her know.

Is she entitled to an appraisal, or should she wait a few months? Is she also entitled to any salary increase if non-performance related? I thought she would be, yet her manager may well argue that the salary increase is not due to inflation, but performance related.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks


Kaz Franks

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