A colleague who works in a hospital, went off sick for 3 months 2 years ago He underwent several diagnostic tests which identified a long term health problem. These tests were performed at his place off work.

During this period his line manager would make references to his tests generally asking how he was feeling etc. I am pleased to report that although my colleague has been diagnosised with a long term illness his health is generally better and his sickness record is good.

All of my colleagues medical records, tests and clinic letters are on the hospital system. My colleague has found out the line manager has been acessing these test results and other medical information. The system itself loggs who has checked up which ever patient.

Other colleagues who have tests also at the hospital have also suspected the same but they do not have proof.

Is this acceptable? Are NHS Line managers able to look up their employees medical information just because they have access to it?

Matthew Nicholls

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