A company has announced that it will be making over 150 redundancies. In one department, 3 roles are being made redundant, with 2 new jobs being created. Theincumbants of the 3 roles are being invited to apply for one of the new two roles. The employees each have 3 months contractual notice within their current roles.

I have been advised that the Company not only intends to make the unlucky person redundant, but also intends to require them to work their notice period at the end of the consultation period.

Is a company able to do this? It seems strange that a role can be made redundant and therefore will not exist, but the company is still allowed to continue with the old role beyond the consultation period.

It is also my understanding that if contractual notice is paid in lieu and not worked, then it forms part of the redundancy payment and is not taxable below £30k. Can you confirm this also.
david finch

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