Hi, I work as a shift manager in a nightclub and last week after working the Friday night shift I finished at 7am on Saturday morning and was supposed to be back in work for 2pm the same day. As it happened I overslept a little bit and got into work half an hour late and subsequently was told that my lateness would be monitored and appropriate steps taken. I then proceeded to work from 2.30pm on the Saturday afternoon until 9am on the Sunday morning without a break.

I have done this most weekends for the past two years almost that i have worked there and am finding that I simply am not able to cope with it anymore as I also work Monday daytime, Weds daytime and night time, Thursday same again, and all night Friday, and all day and night Saturday. I have tried talking to my bosses about this but you just feel then as though you are not up to the job.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Stephen basdeo

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