This is a bit of a trick one – but Im an HR interim, between contracts, and need some HR/employment law input. I would more than welcome your opinions and thoughts on this matter which has affected my husband.

He had a 12 month fixed term contract with a large company: raised a grievance due to external and internal appointments being made without him seeing any internal ads for the positions. No response was received until 14 days later – he was dismissed summarily because it “was just not working out” with one months gardenign leave. No disciplinary action taken before/no probation period stated in his contract. He received no notification of disciplinary issues to consider and was not advised of an appeal right. (Honestly, I’ve seen some wrongs but their management has been incredible!!!)

He is not a European citizen being a U.S. national but has a married person’s visa: is he covered by the Fixed Term Workers legislation?

Do you know of any relevant case law – Im having trouble tracking anything down and although I can run this one myself for him – I don’t want to miss something relevant? Any thoughts, opinions or just plain sniggers of pity will do 😉

thanks in anticipation
Patricia Hart