Can anyone help. My colleague has recently left a prior employer where they had a Compnay uniform.
He has now received his P45 and payslip and a letter stating it is their ‘usual practice’ to deduct £300 from his pay pending the complete return of his uniform. (The do not detail what they gave him so this can be open to argument. He has not problem returning it)This information was not disclosed at his exit interview nor his induction or at any time in between. It is not stated in his written terms and conditions of employment either. When he asked for a copy of the Compnay handbook earlier in his employment he was told ‘its not complete yet’

There are other issues around his pay calculation with the leaving date being specified on his P45 as 10 days earlier than the date he actually left, plus other errors.

This is not a new Company and as a result of the non disclosure over the deduction he has now incurred £60 in bank charges.

Is this legal to do this? Can he demand a cheque upon receipt of the uniform and can he demand his corrected pay is issued immediately rather than wait until the next payroll run at the end of this month? Any help would be appreciated as it doesnt sound very ethical but not sure on the legal stance
Many thanks
Raina Turgut

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