I am in full time employment for a company called Leisure Link, that supplies & maintains leisure equipment (jukeboxes, fruit machines, pool tables etc).

As a service engineer within this company, I am not based at the depot (where the office, admin. & workshop are located), & in fact only return there for spare parts & to submit relevant paperwork. Since my job is of a service nature & we work a shift rota, we don’t know where we will be working the next day. We have to communicate with a call controller at the shift start in order to receive service calls that have been already been placed. We then receive new calls during our shift as & when they are placed.

Recently, the management has begun to insist that instead of picking up our calls & leaving our homes to travel to our first call of the day at our start time, we are now to have already done this, & actually be on-site as our shift starts.

I have been with this company for nearly fifteen years now, & various managers have attempted this very same strategy at least twice before. I have a vague recollection that the law deals with mobile personnel differently to staff that are based in one location.

Please could you clarify the situation? Do I have to have communicated with work & received my calls, & have already travelled to site, in order to be there at my official start time, or do I pick up my calls & leave my home when my shift begins?

Many Thanks,

Mark Pullen
Mark Pullen