I need to assess the relevance of organisationsl justice in the effective management of the employment relationship. In doing so I need to discuss two aspects of the relationship; downsizing and rewards. I also need to determine to what extent the presence of workplace representatives such as unions is necssary for achieving organisational justice.
My ideas so far for downsizing is that the the process consists of a series of events in which victims and survivors evaluate the fairness of the procedures. It is important that the processes are considered carefully (selecting those to leave/stay, consultation etc)as this will help
managers understand employees’ feelings of trust and mistrust more fully.
I need some inspiration please! In which ways is organisational justice relevant in reward management and why? Do you feel that trade unions and employers unions are necessary for achieving organisational justice? If not, why? Any ideas from professional HR people would be much appriciated. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
carly culshaw