My wife works part time as a GP’s receptionist. She currently works 27.5 hrs a week but this has varied slightly over the past year.
They work on a shift or rota basis. so everyone’s hours and day of the week worked are different. My wife works on all 5 days except Weds. In particular on Monday she works 08:30 to 18:30 and
on Fridays 08:30 to 12:30.
She gets paid holidays on a per hour worked bais, but from holiday entitlement days has to subtract any bank holiday Mondays and good Friday.

I cannot see how this is correct. The arument is that id she is allowed to take the bank holidays off with no penalty then this is unfair to those who do not work Mondays and Fridays normally. Her total entitlement this year , ( and its worked out in hours )is 185 hours. since Easter is before April this year this year she has now to subtract the 5 BHol Mondays plus 2 good Fridays or 65 hours of her entitlement.
My questions are is the basic principal the holida entitlement id based on flawed ?
And if it is what can she/I do about it ? Preferably without losing the job.
Andrew Berry