One of our employees has a number of roles and he has been seconded to another role within the organisation for the past twelve months.

The period of secondment is now drawing to a close and he would normally go back to his original roles. Unfortunately, one of these roles is now being made redundant and these consists of half of his working week.

We envisage having funding for half a week that would make the post he has been seconded to for the past twelve months a permanent post. What is our position? Do we have to offer him this post or do we have to go through a recruitment process as we have a policy of offering vacant posts to existing staff before advertising externally? One complication is that this would leave the individual on two pay grades as the new post is at a lower grade. This means a drop in salary of £747 pa.

The individual concerned has been with us for nine years and has proved to be a valued member of staff. We are a small voluntary organisation and we are anxious to do the right thing. Could someone out there please help?
Donald Anderson