One of our sales employees is due to go on maternity leave. This raises the question of how to tackle her commission during the maternity period.

Each sales person is commissioned on the sales that they individually bring in to the company. As she has only been with the team for 6 months her average sales commission earnings are quite low, but would be expected to grow over the next year had she not been going on maternity leave.

We do not wish to demotivate our employee from setting up sales deals before she goes off on maternity leave, but at the same time wish to be fair to the rest of the sales team who may have to continue the work while she is away?

Our sales cycles are typically long between 3 and 12 months. This means that a sale could be completed while our employee is away either fully due to her efforts before she went on maternity leave, or partially due to her efforts before she went on maternity leave.

Do any other companies have an effective model (also legally compliant) that they are willing to share with us?

Lynn Hebb

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