An employee who has PHI provided by the company has been on long term sick for 3+ years, having suffered a breakdown.

The employee has on numerous occasions requested details of the PHI scheme, up to now we have always refused this. Should the details of the PHI be made available to employees who are covered by the PHI?.

Our concern is the case Jowitt v Pioneer Technology (UK) Ltd. Where an employee was not given details of the PHI cover…..”The employee knew nothing of the further clause in the insurance policy and was therefore not bound by it. He was entitled to the long-term disability benefit that the clause in his contract provided for.

The insurers are now pressing the employee to attend a meeting to explore alternative types of occupation, and any vocational training that might be required. The insurers have also made the threat to the employee of ceasing making any further payments by the PHI, if the employee does not attend the meeting
Karen Marshall

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