I’m looking for advice for myself.  I have just been into an informal meeting regarding my lack of enthusiasm and commitment to the job with my immediate manager and his manager whom was there to take notes I was informed at the start of the meeting.  Prior to the meeting I wasn’t aware of any problems.  I have been in my job working within for 18 months.  I have had PDP Jul 2010 with no smart objectives set and still waiting for my PDP for July 2011.  Nothing has been raised before about my lack of enthusiasm or commitment at my PDP.   I asked for specific example of both as I didn’t agree and they were unable to give examples. 

During the meeting both managers questions me over all aspects of my job and my thought on all tasks even though senior manager was only present to take notes.   I had the opportunity to put my thoughts forward and now I will have a review in 1 month with my manager and 3 month review with both managers.  I don’t have objectives to meet or a plan to work towards.  Am I entitled to see the notes taken during this meeting? Was I entitled to take a representive with me? 

What action do I take now?  Have I been treated fairly, receiving no notice or time to prepare?  I would like to work within this company and feel I work hard, the company has a HR department. 

Many Thanks

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