I have recently joined a Company with approx 240 employees. The Company has grown through acquisition and growth. Some of those acquired have different terms and conditions. Most staff do not have contracts of employment ! My predecessor was tasked to issue contracts by June 2003 – this has not been done ! All staff are now monthly paid (some against hourly timesheets) , we have some field sales but most staff are office based. We are a technical service provider with some customer services in a call centre environment. The Company offers almost no benefits.

1. Please can anyone provide me with an up to date precedent contract of employment

2. Please can anyone advise me on the matter of equalising the different terms and conditions (Can we buy them out and if so how do we calculate) or (May we face the risk of claims if we provide some staff with benefits – as per their pre acquisition contracts – but do not provide the same for all.

Thank you in anticipation.
Denise Vince-Koprulu