Can anyone help me. I’m 6 months into a fix term contract. It was initially for one year but I was recently told it would be extended to 18 months to March 2020. We really would like to try for a baby this year in view to having it mid next year (between May and September ) and there are various reasons for this. I’m wondering where on earth I would stand on a fixed term contract and extension of it. Could they not renew my contract and then advertise and employ someone else instead? If I was heavily pregnant. It’s really important I get the work maternity pay as it’s a lot to lose out on . Our other thought was to try and get pregnant ASAP now (not that anything happens to plan does it !) so the baby would be due Dec/jan/Feb whereby I would still be in the 18 month contract and it would be up for renewal whilst on Mat leave….although this wouldn’t be our ideal option.I love my job and don’t want to leave but can’t go on mat leave without pay. Please ask me any further questions 

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