The employee is on 18 month fixed term contract with a 6 month probation period. Informal Performance reviews during this time were positive with no development needs and targets being met or exceeded. During the last week of probation period the employee raised issues
a) Pay had been received late for 2 monthly pay dates – request for pay to be given on dates agreed.
b)holiday entitlement had been refused during the 6 months, leaving 2 weeks to take the entitlement – request subsequently denied for holiday to be taken
c)A pay differential of £1,500 pa more being paid to a person doing the same job. -request for explaination for differences in roles, not given.

The employee was then asked to attend a meeting the following week because the probationary period was under review and possible 3 month extension due to performance targets not being met. He was told he could have representation if he wished.

As an independent, training practitioner, I am not able to offer support. Can anyone offer advice as to how the employee can handle this situation and whether the employers actions seem reasonable?

denise Amoss

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